Elliot Van Emden

Mr Van Emden has particular expertise with money claims, housing matters, PPI claims and Road Traffic Offences.

Mr. Van Emden’s main speciality is assisting residential landlords against problem tenants. This includes not just section 21 notices, but also the many grounds that are available under the section 8 procedure. Many landlords believe that the only grounds available under section 8 are for rent arrears – however there are many other grounds which may be applicable. Mr Van Emden has specific experience with antisocial behaviour evictions and breach of tenancy evictions. If you wish to conduct a section 21 eviction – Instruct Mr. Van Emden on a Direct Access basis from the beginning as the section 21 notice is a deceptively simple form. There are many things that need to be checked for a section 21 to be valid. Mr. Van Emden will get you section 21 compliant so that all the pieces lineup for the eventual court hearing.

Mr. Van Emden can also represent Landlords in evicting tenants where the tenant is a limited company on a lease agreement. This is commonly known as a rent to rent agreement. Whilst these agreements can give Landlords the security of guaranteed rent – if things go wrong, then the eviction/money recovery process can get more complicated. He is able to advise fully as to the legal remedies, draft any applicable notices, draft the relevant court paperwork, draft any relevant witness statements and attend any court hearings which apply to the possession case.

Mr. Van Emden can assist with money claims. He is able to advise and assist with the relevant methods of enforcement – being a third-party debt order, attachment of earnings order, charging order or the instruction of bailiffs. I am of course able to attend any court hearing that is set down relating to these matters.