Established in 1993, we have an excellent reputation and are proud to offer our clients a first class service in a wide range of practice areas.

Chambers of Stuart Stevens

Holborn Chambers has been established in its present location off Lincoln’s Inn Fields since 1993. Originally based at 3 King’s Bench Walk in the Temple, it then relocated to its current more spacious premises and was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Richard Scott.

We have an enviable team of specialist barristers who cover all areas of legal practice. We cut through every social, cultural and political barrier to empower our quality barristers to do their job fearlessly. Inspired by our long-term reputation for excellence in criminal defence, we are proud to offer our clients a first class service in a wide range of practice areas.

Our People


Experience and Exceptional Standards


Our Barristers are committed to providing outstanding work for their clients, whether they are instructing solicitors or members of the public.  We recognise that our reputation is vital to our success and so we observe the highest personal, ethical and professional standards in everything we do, operating with integrity at all times.


Progressive Outlook


Law is a people business.  We see diversity as a strength and value the fresh perspectives, creative ideas and connections that flow from bringing together people with different backgrounds.  We have striven to create a welcoming, supportive environment in which all can flourish.  No matter how challenging a matter or how heavy our workload, in our daily interactions we never lose sight of what is important.  If you work with us, you know you will benefit from our approach.


Teamwork and Support


We know that we deliver best when working as a team rather than as individuals operating alone.  Our Barristers benefit from a supportive system within Chambers and they know that they can rely on each other for their experience and assistance where it is needed.  We also work with our Clients efficiently and effectively in order to achieve successful outcomes.  In order to maintain high standards, we welcome feedback from others on how we are doing.


Our Approach


Passion to Succeed


We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals, however ambitious and no matter how many obstacles they face.  We work tirelessly to help our clients in the right way to achieve the best possible outcome.


History, Creativity and Innovation


Our Barristers use their knowledge, intellectual rigour and experience to help their clients come to the right decisions in achieving their aims.  We have the creativity to find innovative solutions to difficult challenges whilst explaining and presenting them simply.  Founded in 1993, we have a long history but use a modern approach, providing our clients an ever more efficient and effective service.


Positive Contributions


Many of our Barristers often dedicate their time to pro bono work and volunteering.  Through this and our ethical and responsible business practices, we seek to make a real and positive difference to the communities we work with and serve.