Saravanak Kumar instructed in a serious case of prostitution R v Ziemys

R v T Ziemys – This was a difficult case involving allegations of the Defendant running 10 brothels and having control of 3 prostitutes.
The prosecution served last minute compelling telephone evidence (including cell site and billings data) allegedly connecting the client with the running of the brothels.
A detailed cross examination of prostitutes and police officer over telephone evidence took place by Mr. Kumar where it was made clear that the prostitutes were not being ‘coerced’ or forced into anything by the Defendant.
The Defendant was acquitted of 4 counts which resulted in a much lower sentence than expected (3 and a half years after time served meant 15 months actual imprisonment).
The Judge commented that despite overwhelming evidence, he was passing the sentence as above as it was evident there was no coercion or force by the Defendant.
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