Saravanak Kumar successfully defends in a conspiracy to supply multi million pound worth of Class A drugs (R v Afrisib, Little and Others)

Mr. Kumar’s client was indicted with 7 others for conspiracy to supply class A drugs (opium) worth millions of pounds.
The client was arrested with 30.5 kilos opium (worth £ 1.1 million) whilst travelling on the M1 by the Serious Organised Crime Squad. The prosecution allegations included that the drugs were picked up after a shipment and that Mr. Kumar’s client was ‘caught red handed’ with the boxes of drugs for what was a nationwide supply operation.Mr. Kumar had to cross examine police officers on telephone evidence as the defence case was that someone else used the phone to make calls involving the drugs trade.
After a five week trial in Kingston Crown Court which involved a cut throat defence, all co-defendants were found guilty by the jury except for Mr Kumar’s client, in whose case the jury disagreed and could not reach a verdict.
In light of the jury’s findings, the prosecution offered no evidence and Mr. Kumar’s client was acquitted. All other co-defendants received custodial sentence ranging from 7 years up to 20 years imprisonment.
Mr. Kumarwas the only junior barrister in the trial under 4 years call whilst all other co-defending Counsel were over 20 years call.